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The Master-Line supports you in your own mastery. We have incorporated our cosmic-urvedic healing knowledge into every single essence.

They are handmade in unconditional love and enable you as a user to take the important steps of a master creation. Additionally energized with God’s healing current, so that they can take effect on all your levels and spaces.

Use the great possibilities now for yourself.

“Look at you with loving eyes. Come into concern for yourself.”

The highly energized Me-Beyond Master Essence „Grace“ helps you to come into an inner state of grace and dismay for you. Being able to hug and forgive yourself. Also be in grace for a situation or life issue.
Supports the activation of your own primal mother and father in you.

As soon as we can graciously look at ourselves and the created, you begin to open up to the”acceptance of what is”. With this you bless your conscious or unconscious creation and you can then change it.

6-8 sprays around your head. 3 sprayers each under the armpits, on your forehead, palms and solar plexus. For more intensive use, you can put the master essence on your navel. 1-2 sprays are sufficient.

Otherwise simply intuitive.

“I start looking at myself with loving eyes. I can be.”

In addition, we recommend the Muja”grace”.


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