Goddess Spray – Freudiger Zyklus

Verbinde dich mit deiner weiblichen Energie, um dein Frausein genießen zu können.

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Finally feeling the cycle naturally again and being able to accept it as a gift.
Being in the flow – being able to be a woman without pain and without fear.

The energized Me-Beyond® essence “Goddess” as a spray supports the physical processes as a change and to be able to honor the female wave. Also for easier handling during the menopause.

Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.


Goddess Spray from the end of the menstrual period up to the 14th day of the cycle (ovulation) 3-5 sprays on the neck, inside of the wrists, crook of the arm and breastbone once a day in the morning.

“I am sure. My cycle and I are one.”

Energized spring water, aroma essence, alcohol


UFI: 3300-P0FW-K001-GW3V


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