Overdosing is impossible during use.

No, they are only possible ways of use. Feel free to get creative and rely on your own feeling.

That is perfectly fine. Just continue with the application.

This is not dangerous. The essences are of natural origin and therefore safe to use.

Since they are natural products, this is possible without complications. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Yes, by shaking the essences come into the energy of the respective user and work there in particular.

No, the essences can be used even after months and years. Possible cloudiness is caused either by the composition, i.e. they have always been there, or by the fact that they have gone into effect for you. Even with turbidity, the essences are still usable. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Most of the time you will notice that you often forget to take the essence. Then it is likely that you need something else thematically, because what you took the essence for was allowed to come into transformation.

Yes, the essences are excellent for all living creatures, including plants.

Yes, the essences are designed to benefit even the youngest among us.

Since overdosing and contact with the skin are harmless, this is generally possible. However, we refer to your maternal or paternal instinct to tell you if this is possible with your child. Since the essences contain a minimal amount of alcohol, the child should be ready not to put it all in the mouth.

Since the essences are designed for the aura, there are no other instructions to follow. In the aura you can use the essences without restriction.

Water is an information carrier. That means, fresh spring water can be filled with wonderful knowledge. For example with the power of plants, trees and other natural remedies. We made use of this art!

We know about the “ingredients” that are needed to give a Me-Beyond® exssence the corresponding effectiveness.

No. The Me-Beyond® essences are not drugs in the conventional medical sense! Therefore they do not replace medically prescribed or pharmaceutical drugs and are not intended as such.