Space-Line “Pleasant” – Workplace

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The Space-Line contains our cosmic-urvedic healing knowledge and lets your outer and inner spaces become what you desire. Sometimes you need clarification, other times you want to joyfully increase the vibration.

With our 5 essences you create your own spaces, wherever you are. Every single essence is handmade with care and unconditional love. They support you in your greatest vision of your true divine self.

Use the great possibilities for yourself now.

The energized Me-Beyond Essence „Pleasant“ has been specially developed for your workplace and room of creativity.
It gives you a feel-good atmosphere, clarity and strengthens your concentration.

Supports your space of inspiration and creates capacity for action.

Very good to use in systemic constellation work / family constellations.

Spray generously in the room. Above all directly at the work-creative space in the corners and wherever you are drawn intuitively.


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