Space-Line “Moonlight” – Peaceful Sleep

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The Space-Line contains our cosmic-urvedic healing knowledge and lets your outer and inner spaces become what you desire. Sometimes you need clarification, other times you want to joyfully increase the vibration.

With our 5 essences you create your own spaces, wherever you are. Every single essence is handmade with care and unconditional love. They support you in your greatest vision of your true divine self.

Use the great possibilities for yourself now.

Your bedroom is a place where you should rest and regain strength. Often, however, this room is a room for thoughts and insomnia.

With the energized Me-Beyond Essence „Moonlight“ you come to rest. Interference fields can harmonize and your thoughts relax. Your sleep becomes as restful as it should be.

Especially suitable for children with restless sleep and of course also wonderfully applicable for animals.

Spray generously the entire bedroom. Before going to sleep, give a few sprays into your own aura. Gladly place the bottle next to the bed or also under the bed.

With this essence you can also dissolve ghosts or evil spirits that want to hide under the bed.

For animals simply spray the sleeping place and give 1-2 sprayers over the animal.


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