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The Join-Line contains our cosmic-urvedic healing knowledge and in her we have brought together everything that is useful to you.

Take us literally!

Where Guardian is on it, you may feel protected, Goodess lets you become a goddess and with Come Down, your system may relax.

Every single essence is handmade with care and unconditional love. They support you in your greatest vision of your true divine self. Use the great possibilities for yourself now.

This energized Me-Beyond Essence Re-Birth helps you with all projects that are preceded by a process and want to be brought to life.

Be it on a mental, emotional or physical level.

It is also very suitable for use during pregnancy, preparation for the upcoming birth and during the birth itself.

Two sprays each on the face, neck and armpit. As well as solar pelxus and pelvis / root chakra. When pregnant, 1-2 sprays directly on the belly button and the entire belly, as well as the breasts. Please use on bare skin. Otherwise simply intuitive.


UFI: 3300-P0FW-K001-GW3V


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