Lordship – Empowerment of Thought

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This energized Me-Beyond® Essence “Lordship” supports your power of thoughts and own mind space so that you can stay with yourself. Own thoughts and perceptions – free from manipulation and external influences.

Helps to recognize strange thought patterns in order to be able to distinguish between them and your own. Uncoupling from the unhealthy fields of thought of the ancestors, family and clan. Also helpful for compulsive thinking.

Become the captain of your mind ship again, strengthen your own perception and your “I can” consciousness.

Spray generously on the entire head area – neck, forehead and crown chakra. Two sprays each under the armpits, one each on the solar plexus and below the navel (Hara chakra).

Otherwise simply intuitive.

“I am (your name) and choose my own thoughts, dreams and visions. In harmony with my soul that I am.”


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