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The energized Me-Beyond® Essence “Guardian” is a bridge to your guardian angel and the energies of the archangels.

The angels have accompanied man from the beginning of time. They are your friends and supporters. You can call them at any time and ask for help. Everyone except your Guardian Angel can only come to your aid if you ask them to.

The essence is particularly popular with children because it immediately triggers a feeling of well-being and is good for helping you fall asleep. Of course, your inner children are also happy about your conscious connection with your guardian angel.

Spray generously into your entire aura. Especially 1-2 sprays on your forehead and heart chakra, as well as on the stomach area.

Otherwise simply intuitive.

“I love my guardian angel. I am protected.”


UFI: 3300-P0FW-K001-GW3V


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