Grown Up

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The energized Me-Beyond® Essence “Grown Up” supports you in trusting your own abilities. In the change from a childish self to a healthy growned up “I want”.

It is the perfect helper for inner children who can grow up. Especially when it comes to healing your inner child, the time comes when you have to let her grow up in you. This is the only way to fully immerse yourself in your full potential and bring it to life.

Spray generously 3-7 sprays into your entire aura. 2-3 sprays each on your neck and heart chakra, as well as on your stomach and spleen. 1-2 sprayers on the knees and calves, as well as feet and soles.

Otherwise simply intuitive.

“I allow myself to grow in my own will without restrictions from outside.”


UFI: 3300-P0FW-K001-GW3V


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