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At the Me-Beyond® Essences TORBURG I-IV we have brought together our cosmic-primeval healing knowledge as well as bringing together the powers and essences of nature.

These four phases contain in-depth knowledge that we have united in these high-quality essences. Now we would like to offer these options to other therapists to expand their skills.

Our inspiration and creation
In our practice, we encountered situations with clients time and again in which we were able to ascertain that topics that could already be resolved could not be “seen” by the client. A conclusion was not possible, instead always sticking to the process. For the last step, we needed something that would make the client’s blind spot visible and resolvable. Out of itself, without manipulating or doing anything for the client. A real conclusion!

TORBURG guides every client through their processes and solutions in absolute awareness. Real dissolution can only take place through awareness.

Torburg III – Out of itself, the new may arise

The third phase of this therapeutic set gives the client the opportunity to recognize what is new for him and what he wants to be born. The client experiences how the old is blown up and the new gets into the self-created order. To be according to your own inner salvation.

Shake the essence gently. Spray 3 sprays into the aura in the area of ​​the sacral and root chakra. In addition, on the elbows, the back of the knees and the neck.


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