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At the Me-Beyond® K-Essences we have brought together our cosmic-urwedic healing knowledge, knowledge of systemic backgrounds and dynamics, as well as the power and essences of nature. The five phases contain from us deep itemized healing knowledge, which we have unified into these high-quality essences. Now we would like to offer these possibilities to others therapists as well to expand your competence.

The Holistic-Line has been specially developed by us for doctors, consultants, healers, alternative practitioners, therapists and their active work in practice. The K-Essences are effective for all work with systems: Families, clans, ancestors, workplace, relationships and systems of a collective nature. Especially nowadays, due to the many established opinions, concepts, philosophies, religions, people can be prevented from thinking, feeling and acting independently. Only by freeing myself from the thought patterns and dynamics of others I can immerse myself in the reality of my self and my soul. Only then I can begin to become a conscious creator of my life and master of my experience.

K1 – K3 are exclusively applied in practice during the process of detachment.

K2 – Feeling the impairment

Only when the client can feel the impairments he can initiate detachment with his creative consciousness. The third phase of this therapeutic set supports the client to be able to be in this feeling and act on it.

Shake essence gently and spray several sprays during the process into the client’s entire aura, as well as specifically on the forehead, throat, solar plexus, Hara and root chakra. Also on knees, calves and feet.


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