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In the Me-Beyond® Essences Inkarnation we have brought together our cosmic-urvedic healing knowledge, knowledge about incarnation processes and dynamics, as well as the forces and essences of nature. The three phases contain in the depth of us broken down mystical knowledge, which we incorporate in these high-quality essences have united. Now we would like to offer these possibilities to others as well. offer therapists to expand your competence.

Inkarnation Essences – Releasing from incarnation dynamics

The Holistic-Line has been specially developed by us for doctors, consultants, healers, alternative practitioners, therapists and their active work in practice. The incarnation essences are effective for all work with “past” and future lives.

Assumptions, vows, oaths, promises, beliefs, etc. given at another time, have an effect beyond all lives. There is only the one eternal moment, which is divided into many events. With our incarnation set you have the opportunity to bring about detachments and changes more easily and profoundly for your client.

Only by freeing myself from conscious and unconscious attachments, patterns of thought and action, as well as energetic dynamics, can I immerse myself in the reality of my self and my soul. Only then can I begin to become a conscious creator of my life and master of my experience.

Incarnation1-3 are applied exclusively in practice during the process of detachment.

Inkarnation 3 – Replacement and harmonization

Supports and brings the solution of the topic to a healthy conclusion. The old cell information is neutralized. The newly gained potential can completely flow into and be absorbed by all levels of the client. Harmonization takes place on the incarnation level.

Shake essence gently. During the process, spray several sprays into the client’s entire aura

For at home
We recommend that the client be given the Me-Beyond Essence “Integration”. This will facilitate the subsequent integration phase on a material level.

3x daily approx. 9 sprays into the aura until the essence is used up. Afterwards from the Join-Line “Re-Birth” or Master-Line “New Life” is recommended.

“It may be. I am dissolved in love and gratitude.

Further support:
*Muja 14 “To be with what is” and *Muja 7 “Joy”

*The book by Renato “The Secret of the Mujas” is published by Allegria Verlag.
You can buy it in any bookstore or directly from the author with dedication.


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