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In the Me-Beyond® Essences Allergy we have brought together our cosmic-primeval healing knowledge, knowledge of physical reactions and dynamics, as well as the forces and essences of nature. The two phases involve in the depth of us itemized mystical knowledge that we find in these high quality united essences. Now we would like to offer these possibilities to other therapists to expand their competence.

Energetic physical support

The Holistic-Line has been specially developed by us for doctors, consultants, healers, alternative practitioners, therapists and their active work in practice. The Me-Beyond® Allergy therapeutic set work for all work with sudden physical reactions.

As I can set myself free and accept what is extremely irritating to my body system, the ground is allowed to flow and change is prepared.

Softness and peace instead of inner hardness and complete tension. The A-essences help to get into a relaxed state “ad hoc”.


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