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In the Me-Beyond® Essences Allergy we have brought together our cosmic-primeval healing knowledge, knowledge of physical reactions and dynamics, as well as the forces and essences of nature. The two phases involve in the depth of us itemized mystical knowledge that we find in these high quality united essences. Now we would like to offer these possibilities to other therapists to expand their competence.

A2 – Balance
The second phase of this therapeutic set initiates the replacement and pacification of the existing topic. Creates a deep breath and a turn to the improper.

Gently shake the essence. Give several puffs into the aura in the area of ​​the upper body. Additionally on wrists, palms, navel and root chakra. In the further course, simply intuitively and according to personal preference.

At home
We recommend giving the client the Me-Beyond® essence from the Join-Line “Come Down, Re-Birth, Integration or Master-Line Grace“. This facilitates the subsequent integration phase on a material level.

See the execution for the individual essences or individually tailored to the client.

“It can be. I begin to practice love and gratitude. “

Further support:
* Muja 5. “Calm and softness” or Muja 3. “Strength and trust” or Muja 10. “Grace”

* Renato’s book “The Secret of the Mujas” has been published by Allegria Verlag. To be purchased in any bookstore or directly from the author with a dedication.


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