Elves Set


At the Me-Beyond® Elves set we have brought together our cosmic healing knowledge and Elves incarnation knowledge of the elements, as well as the powers and essences of nature.

The Elf set include from us deep itemized healing knowledge, that can show a unique beneficial effect onto your body.

Use the great opportunities for yourself now.

Reconnection to the 7 natural element energies.


There was a time when humans, elves and natural beings lived in one unit. The Elves set enables you to absorb the missing element energies completely and to come back into memory. You achieve physical harmony through reconnection with these forces.

Elves energy has always been a most wholesome vibration for the human body. The healers of the elves understand very well in the field of subject matter and the activation of a structuring energy flow.

The energized Me-Beyond® Essences contain the energies that were once lost to humans. They support your body on an energetic and physical level.

Become one with the forces of nature again.

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