Shadow – Black Dragons

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Experience the power of freedom and enlightment your divine self!

The highly energized Me-Beyond® Essence „Shadow – Black Dragons“ lift you out of the darkness of your inner dungeon so that you can see the light of God. The blind are seen, the deaf are heard and the enclosed is released.

By transforming your inner darkness you will ascend in the light of God’s dimension.

3 times a day, 1-2 sprays each on the navel, sacral and root chakra. Then 3-4 sprays on the shoulders, neck and collarbone.
1 sprayer on the soles of the feet, back of the hand and coccyx.

“I open my inner dungeons lovingly so that the blessing of my divine light makes everything shine.”


UFI: 3300-P0FW-K001-GW3V


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