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“Ground the Heaven, heavenward the Earth”

With the highly energized Me-Beyond® Essence „Source“ you enter the space beyond transformation. This is about your transcendence! The essence was developed by us to support you in your connection to Mother Earth and God’s dimension.

By consciously becoming one again with subject matter, also the inner sun of the earth, you can express your own divinity. Every person is 1/3 of a spiritual, ethereal and material nature.

Keeping the balance in it and integrating it consciously opens up the origin of your nature as a human being.

Put 7-9 sprays into your aura twice a day, as well as 2-4 sprays onto your root chakra, feet, soles and calves. 1-2 sprayers on the elbows, on the wrists and forehead, throat and neck.
Otherwise simply intuitive.

“I am one with my body, one with my soul. My soul expresses itself through my actions.”


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