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With the highly energized Me-Beyond® Essence „Self-Love“ you enter the space beyond transformation. This is about your transcendence! Everything may dissolve and dissolve into a larger whole of you – immerse yourself in the reality of your essence – the reality beyond all dimensions.

Self-love is your key to God, the unifying reality. The spiritual world is in you – you are the key of knowledge and unity. Wake up in your heart, in your space behind your heart and become one with God’s dimension again.

3 times a day, 2-3 sprays each on the navel, heart chakra and neck. 1 sprayer in the palm of the hand, in the crook of the arm and the soles of the feet, and 2 sprays on the forehead. #

“I’m starting to love myself. I am turning self-doubt into awareness of love.”


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