Pureness – Inner divinity

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The highly energized Me-Beyond® Essence “Pureness” was developed by us to consolidate you in your being with God’s dimension. Drop masks and open yourself to your own inner divinity. Become who you really are.

The more you can consciously perceive and understand your inner divinity, the more you will be able to reveal your true God-given being. Open the door to your innocence and purity. Purify your mind from the lies of others and allow yourself to be connected to God’s dimension again.

Become the light in you.

Put 7-9 sprays into your aura 2-3 times a day, as well as 1-3 sprays onto your forehead, crown and heart chakra, as well as on your navel around your knees and ankles. 1-2 sprays under the armpits and on the palms of the hands.
Otherwise simply intuitive.

At the same time, you have another supporting aspect at your side with the booklet.

“I am the light of myself. I am the purity of my heart. I open the space behind my heart and become one with my pure soul.”


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